Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Almost Used a Famous and Classic James Bond Stunt [VIDEO]

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s jeep chase in Madagascar almost featured a stunt made famous by Sean Connery’s sixth James Bond adventure: Diamonds Are Forever.


In Naughty Dog’s action-packed game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, one of the levels featured a stunt that almost paid homage to a James Bond movie.

According to co-lead designer Kurt Margenau, protagonist Nathan Drake was originally meant to mimic a stunt from the 1971 film Diamonds Are Forever during the chase scene in Madagascar. Margenau spoke to CounchSoup about this.

The stunt in question would have mirrored Sean Connery’s Bond as his vehicle shifted onto two wheels in a slow Vegas alley to get through a narrow gap, as seen in the scene taken from the film here. By the way, the verda was a red Ford Mustang Mach 1, which has also since become a real automotive legend thanks to the film.

You can see the scene here:

“We actually did this as a prototype [for the jeep chase in A Thief’s End],” reflected Uncharted 4 co-lead designer Kurt Margenau during a recent conversation with Couch Soup. However, as we already know, this idea did not make it into the final version.

But wait, there’s more. It turns out that James Bond wasn’t the only source of inspiration for Naughty Dog’s epic chase scene. Bad Boys can also get some credit for Nathan Drake’s (and I guess Shoreline) crazy leadership.

“[The team was thinking about] how do we get to the roof or how do we fall through it,” Margenau explained, referring to Michael Bay’s films.

“[We] took all the craziest chase stuff from the movies”.

You can watch the full conversation with Marganu below.

Couch Soup is trying to keep Nathan Drake alive.

In the previous part of the series, Nathan Drake’s actor Nolan North was also a guest of Couch Soup. Here, North spoke more about Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog and the success of the live-action Uncharted film adaptation.

“[The team was thinking about] how do we get to the roof or break through it, [we took all the craziest chase stuff from the movies”.”

As for the Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection, which includes Uncharted 4 and the spin-off Lost Legacy, it has already been released on PS5 (you can read our review here), but It still doesn’t have a release date on PC – all we know is that an earlier release date postponed. Epic Games accidentally shared a release date back in April, with a blog post stating that it would be released on June 20th, though that was quickly deleted and that date has now passed without any further release news.

Naughty Dog creative director Shaun Escayg also recently said that the studio would be open to making more games in the series.

“I think it’s safe to say that we can never say never,” said Escayg (quoting the title of another James Bond 007 film). “Yes. Uncharted is a franchise that we love – that the studio, myself and Kurt love. It’s a world that we want to see more of. So I can say that for sure.”

Source: NME

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