It’s Official: Lollipop Chainsaw Remake Is In The Works!

After hinting at a remake of the cult-classic zombie action game last month, it’s now official that Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a remake.



Originally released in 2012, the hack-and-slash zombie game Lollipop Chainsaw received primarily positive reviews upon its release. While not everyone swooned over it, that didn’t stop the stylish action game from gaining a cult following. The game, which follows Juliet Starling, a cheerleader who finds herself in the middle of a zombie outbreak at her high school, has received much praise for the charm, quirkiness and originality that made it so popular with fans.

As well to cult fans, Lollipop Chainsaw has also made an impact in the mainstream media.

Suicide Squad director James Gunn revealed that Harley Quinn’s breakout scene in the film was inspired by her work on Lollipop Chainsaw with Suda51. Now that the project is approaching its tenth anniversary, fans may finally be treated to new content for the cult classic, as it was recently announced that a title remake is in the works.

After it was rumoured last month that Lollipop Chainsaw would be returning in some form, fans immediately began speculating about what might come next. The former CEO of Kadokawa Games, which publishes the game in Japan, said that the title would “return” with a new developer, Dragami Games. It has since been confirmed that Dragami Games’ project is a Lollipop Chainsaw remake to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Based on the images released by the developer, it’s clear that the game will feature updated visual elements. However, it doesn’t look like we can expect a complete overhaul of the graphics.

Little is known about what else will be changed in the remake from the original 2012 version. Besides the graphical updates, one other important feature has been confirmed for now: the music will change from the original title. Just as Sonic Origins is changing the soundtrack from Sonic 3, the music from 2012’s Lollipop Chainsaw will be replaced with new tracks. Unlike Sonic, however, in this case, the change is because the first game had a lot of licensed music that Dragami Games could not re-acquire.

The remake of Lollipop Chainsaw will arrive sometime in 2023, but no specific release date has been given.

It’s also unknown at the moment which consoles it will be available on, but fans can likely expect it on new hardware, and it may also be released for PS4 and Xbox One. In any case, the remake is both an opportunity for longtime fans to see how Lollipop Chainsaw has evolved; and for new players to get a glimpse of the stylish title.

Source: IGN

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