Could Elliot Page Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash?!

MOVIE NEWS – Many fans think Elliot Page would be the perfect person to take over the role of Barry Allen in the DCEU.



Elliot Page’s name came up after Ezra Miller’s reputation took a severe hit in recent months. One shocking story after another has hit the headlines, and more and more people have been talking about what this means for The Flash. The superhero film has been shot at the moment, and, given Miller’s prominent role, it’s unlikely that work will start again. It is expected that Miller will remain in the film until the release of The Flash, although it seems most likely that Barry Allen will be recast in the role in the future.

Who would that actor be if Warner Bros. introduced a new Barry Allen to the DCEU after The Flash?

Fans have spent a lot of time discussing the various possibilities. Grant Gustin, who plays the character in The Flash, the television series adaptation of the Arrowverse, emerged as one of the popular choices. In recent days, following the release of the third season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, Elliot Page emerged as another popular choice on social media as many fans took to the pitch.

“Just want to take this moment to say Elliot Page would make a great Barry Allen, in case there’s ever a need to, you know, cast a new Flash, for whatever reason,” reads one popular post, which has been liked thousands of times.

“Elliot page could totally pull off Barry Allen flash when Ezra inevitably is fired,” writes someone else. “Don’t really see him as comic flash, but the the flash Snyder set up that seems to be continuing into the new movie could totally be Elliot.”

“I feel like some people are just fancasting Elliot Page as The Flash because they like him and wanna get rid of Ezra Miller. But I genuinely think he could pull it off,” says a third fan.

Another popular tweet reads, “Saw someone mention that The Flash should be recast as Elliot Paige earlier and now I’m obsessed with the idea. Not only does it keep a genderqueer actor in the role, but Elliot’s no stranger to superhero outings (X-Men and Umbrella Academy), and is all around great. Need this.”

Will we actually see Elliot Page in the role of The Flash? For now, this is nothing more than the pipe dream of a few fans, but it’s safe to say that Ezra Miller’s hay doesn’t look good in the DCEU (either), so it seems pretty likely that he’ll be replaced by someone else. And in this case, as we have seen more than once before, the fans’ words may very well count for a lot. In any case, all we can say for now is that time will tell.

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