Hitman 3: A Free Location For Everyone Coming Soon [VIDEO]

Ambrose Island will soon be included in IO Interactive’s game.


The island is a hidden cove in the Andaman Sea and is also the hideout of a dangerous pirate gang. According to the Danish studio, the location will be a fully explorable sandbox full of new challenges, targets, and rewards to be unlocked. This time, Agent 47 will have to right the wrong of an old friend. IO Interactive hasn’t spelt out exactly what to expect here, but it’s probably bad enough if you’ve stumbled onto this island.

In the July update, Bangkok’s Himmapan Hotel will be back in the free locations rotation, so all Hitman 3 owners and starter pack holders can head to Thailand’s capital until July 17. Vicente Murillo, “The Revolutionary”, will also be back as an Elusive Target. Still, you’ll want to hurry, as the studio says you’ll only have until July 18 to take him out before he disappears for a while (because they’ll probably bring him back into the loop later). There’ll be another Elusive Target, too, as “The Food Critic” Wen Ts’ai will also be making an appearance on July 15. Why is he such a special target? He’s travelling with a full security detail (maybe he’s been talking badly about too many people’s food). New Elusive Target Arcades are also in the pipeline: players who complete them will be able to get the Iridescent Katana.

Hitman 3 will also receive an update to coincide with the arrival of Ambrose Island (which will be available for free for everyone). According to IO Interactive, it will address community-reported issues and make the bald assassin’s story more playable via QoL updates. What is certain is that the studio will provide more details about the island closer to launch and when it will arrive with the update: expect these on July 26. (The events of the island will serve as a prequel to the main game!)

Hitman 3 has been available for almost a year and a half now on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC (you can find it on Steam as well after the original Epic Games Store launch), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and you can also run it from the cloud on Google Stats or Nintendo Switch.

Source: PCGamer

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