A Plague Tale: Requiem – What’s The Advantage Of Only Coming To Next-Gen?

According to the director, the next instalment in the A Plague Tale series will feature an awe-inspiring set, thanks to the power of next-gen consoles.



As we’ve known for a while, A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of the games that has wholly abandoned last-gen devices, allowing developers to afford to optimise the game exclusively for high-end console performance.

The game director of A Plague Tale: Requiem, Kevin Choteau, recently spoke to Edge Magazine about this issue, confirming that the move to new-gen hardware has allowed his team to ignore previous technical limitations and “push the horizon much further” in the game. Choteau suggested a massive improvement in visual fidelity and gameplay, as well as a critical example of what the studio could now bring to the table.

Rats and rat hordes were a vital element of A Plague Tale from the start, but as Hugo’s abilities grew in Requiem, the narrative demanded set pieces that wouldn’t have been possible on previous generation consoles.

According to Choteau, the game will feature chases that display hundreds of thousands of rats at a time, as well as dynamically evolving locations that can now be changed on the fly, depending on what’s happening in the story. The game’s AI, graphics and gameplay foundation have apparently been rebuilt to consider new and improved hardware so that Requiem will be full steam ahead from the start.

Fans wanted more gameplay freedom in A Plague Tale: Requiem, and the developers had to take advantage of the latest generation of consoles not only to make the gameplay experience more active and dynamic but also to improve the visual storytelling across the board. Choteau likened some of the things his team did for Innocence to a “theatre set”, which perhaps didn’t hold up in the testing. But that is not the case with Requiem.

Not everyone is thrilled at the thought of yet another game in which a protagonist couple rushes into the world.

Some people believe that modern games overdo the duo formula, and Requiem is unlikely to alleviate those concerns. But for those gamers who aren’t bothered by this, Choteau’s interview bodes excellent things for the next Plague Tale game.

Source: Edge Magazine

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