Grand Theft Auto VI: Latest Leak May Reveal A New Character!

Fans of Grand Theft Auto VI have found an online biography that may reveal the codename and a new character that fans can expect to meet in the franchise’s next instalment.



There are a lot of rumours and leaks around the Grand Theft Auto VI house, most of which are probably false. All should be treated with caution, especially as it will likely be months, if not years before Rockstar confirms anything. However, some Internet investigators believe they have found something about the game.

On GTAForums (and as reported by Dexerto), fans have found the autobiography of actress Natonia Monet on the Internet.

Her CV listed her work as a video game called “Fireball”, where she played a character named Tamara. According to fans, this is linked to Grand Theft Auto VI, as the actress’ agency hired for this job is related to Rockstar Games.

In other words, her CV may suggest that her codename for Grand Theft Auto VI is Fireball and that she plays a character called Tamara. It’s not known whether she is the main character or a supporting character, but what really triggers this theory is that Monet’s CV has since been updated.

Shortly after fans got in touch with GTA VI, all references to Fireball and Tamara were removed.

Now, there could have been several reasons for this, such as the discovery itself and not necessarily the related rumours and speculation that Fireball is GTA VI. But still, there are a lot of dots here that couldn’t really be connected if all of this weren’t true. One has to be careful with any rumour, but if any future trailers for Grand Theft Auto VI feature a character named Tamara, it could very well prove the point.

At the same time, if any reliable documentation emerges that refers to GTA VI as a “fireball”, it could also support this revelation. However, fans will probably have to wait for anything official to surface about the game.

Source: Dexerto

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