That’s It, No More 1-To-1 PlayStation Support!

At least on Twitter, as Sony has indicated that it will no longer use the Ask PlayStation Twitter account to address PlayStation Support user issues.



It was announced early yesterday afternoon that Sony would close its AskPlayStation Twitter account, the social media platform for PlayStation Support, in a few weeks. According to the tweet, 1-1 PlayStation Support will no longer be available, and it encourages PlayStation users to use the Support tab on the PlayStation website to access FAQs, support articles and “self-help resources”. Sony has also linked to PlayStation Support’s YouTube channel, where you can find video explanations of PlayStation issues and how to resolve them.

The shutdown of AskPlayStation Twitter accounts also includes AskPS_U, PreguntaPlay, AskPS_ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), as well as region-specific support accounts AskPS_U, PreguntaPlay and AskPS_ANZ (Australia and New Zealand), and possibly others that have posted the same tweet. The Japanese Ask PlayStation account did not send this message.

The Twitter pages will close on 1 August, cutting off around 2 million followers from direct support via Twitter. Sony has not given any further reason as to why these accounts are being closed.

The reaction from fans is predictably negative, especially under the largest PlayStation Support account. Sony may feel confident enough in the data to condense most potential problems into short videos via its YouTube channel or Support website. Perhaps it now thinks that Support accounts are redundant and only serve as a mouthpiece for social media rants and would rather streamline support issues after years of collecting data and solutions to the most popular known problems with its products.

Visiting support pages on Twitter can feel like talking to a computer that sometimes responds mechanically and leaves users with unresolved issues. At one time, PlayStation Support Direct messages ended with the person’s initials at the end, so it felt a little more personal. However, Sony is now doing away with this, too, providing pre-configured issues and troubleshooting guides before a PlayStation user’s problem could possibly be directed to the person at the other end of the Support chat box.

Source: Twitter

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