First Set Photo From Fallout TV Series Feels Really Like The Games! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A new set photo from the upcoming Fallout TV series looks like it’s straight out of the games, and fans are comparing the image to a specific location.



Back in 2020, it was announced that the creators of HBO’s sci-fi hit Westworld were working on a Fallout series that would run on Amazon Prime Video, and since the announcement, fans have been slowly learning more and more about it. Back in January, we learned that production would begin this year, and now in mid-July, fans will finally get a glimpse of the series as it’s filmed.

A still and video from filming shows the design of an abandoned Super Duper Mart, with a few wrecked cars in its parking lot.

The Super Duper Mart is a location that many fans will be familiar with, as it was featured in some form in Fallout 3, 4 and Fallout 76. The Super Duper Mart is one of the first places players will encounter in the third instalment after emerging from the Asylum, and its appearance in the Amazon series will likely bring back nostalgic memories for fans.

The design of the Super Duper Mart in the Fallout TV series is very similar to the store that players will encounter in the third game, suggesting that some more content from Fallout 3 may be carried over. However, considering some of the other things fans already know about the upcoming series, it’s unlikely that it will be a direct adaptation of the game. For example, it’s been reported that Walter Goggins will play the lead role in the Fallout TV series and that he’ll be playing a ghoul. If the latter rumour turns out to be accurate, it would be a significant departure from anything fans have seen in previous titles.

Even if none of the story elements is taken directly from the games, it seems that the Fallout TV series will be as authentic as possible when it comes to remaking the iconic game franchise.

Fans are already praising the series’ look based on the set photo, saying that just the sight of it should make them resist the urge to raid Super Duper Mart for hats and props.

As well as revealing the set design for the TV series, some new cast members were recently announced. Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan, Xelia Mendes-Jones from Amazon’s The Wheel of Time, and Aaron Moten from Disjointed have recently joined the cast of the TV series. It is not yet known what characters they will be playing, but hopefully, this information will be revealed in time.

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