Stray Mod Avalanche: Talking Cats, Garfield And Something Really Bizarre… [VIDEO]

Annapurna Interactive’s newly released title, Stray, is a real playground for modders: we’ve gathered some of the most ingenious mods to date.



Despite being released barely a week ago, Stray has attracted the attention of the modding community, who have created some amazing modifications for the cat game. One modder has created a Stray mod that turns the cat into Garfield, while another makes the game look like Heavy Rain. A third modder has also come forward and added his real cat to the game.

Reddit user MrBoptix has uploaded a series of images to the platform to demonstrate the modability of the game.

The images show the user’s cat in Stray and a photo of his real cat, which is almost identical, with only minor differences.

Unsurprisingly, the post has received widespread acclaim from fellow Redditers, as evidenced by the hundreds of upvotes and numerous comments, with a 99% upvote rate. Most users were impressed by MrBoptix’s creation and were keen to copy it. In response, the original poster provided a link to a YouTube video showing a demonstration of Stray’s modification. In fact, some Redditors went a step further and wanted to hire MrBoptix to create custom cats in Stray. However, some users have suggested that the developers add a customisable cat so players can play with their favourite breeds.





The chubby kitty fights back


Garfield, the lazy yet adorable star of the comic book series of the same name, could easily be the most recognisable fictional cat in history. Garfield has been a presence in pop culture for decades, and now he’s found himself starring in Stray, thanks to a new mod created by Chris Rubino and uploaded to the Nexus Mods site. The mod replaces Stray’s playable cat with a kitten resembling Garfield, so comic book fans may want to check out if they have the game’s PC version.





Jason, Jason everywhere!


Probably everyone who’s ever played a Quantic Dream game still has vivid memories of the “Jason” scene in Heavy Rain. For those who may not have it, it’s briefly about you controlling the father of a missing boy; the kid’s name is Jason, and you’re walking through a crowded mall while pressing “X” to shout “Jason!” The reason it’s so comical is that you can simply smash the button, and your character walks around like a muppet, shouting “Jason!” in various accents.

As we all know, Stray has a similar feature where you can make the main character’s little red cat meow with the push of a button. Well, after that, the idea of combining the two was almost a given: hence the mod, which is called JASON, of course, and presumably, it doesn’t take much imagination to work out what it does…





Yo Cat!


Who doesn’t remember GTA: San Andreas’s lovable protagonist CJ, who returns home to the “‘hood” with his fellow gang members and gets into all sorts of fun and/or dramatic adventures, depending on your direction.

It’s not known how much of a relaxed brain and troubled psyche it takes to feel like watching CJ in a cat’s cape, meowing his way through the cozy metropolis of Stray as if he’d crawled out of the asylum of The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, but thanks to a generous modder, we now have the experience ourselves.

If you’re in the mood for a new nightmare, here’s a taste of the mod:







PC mods can be found on the game’s Nexus page.

Source: Reddit, IGN

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