The Answer to Nope: a Resounding “Yep” From Critics

CINEMA NEWS – Nope, directed by Jordan Peele, is already being screened in America and is an absolute bombshell among the press. The screenwriter-director has been compared to Spielberg, Hitckcock and Carpenter, and one critic mentions that the answer to the title’s claim is a resounding YES.


Peele announced his film by saying that he wanted to make the big summer blockbuster, which is also the Great American UFO movie. Every lucky viewer says that they managed to fulfil this commitment to the maximum. It has already been revealed that the film’s story takes place near Los Angeles, in the desert, at a horse farm. The people who live there notice a huge spaceship that appears above their heads, they try to film it, and that’s when the complications begin.

We select the first critical opinions from Variety’s collection posted on Twitter.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, I’m just saying congratulations,” writes Steven Weintraub, editor-in-chief of the entertainment industry portal Collider.

“This movie is out of this world,” enthuses CNN entertainment reporter Frank Pallotta. – A huge banger, characterized by extraordinary acting, and also a tribute to the classic space invasion films of the fifties. Spectacular production about the sights of horror. (…) Enjoy the show and don’t look up at the sky.”

“No is a definite YES,” says Nigel Smith, culture news editor of People magazine. “You have to watch it on the biggest possible screen.” It’s a creepy and strange sight that can’t be beat at the moment. I will never look at the sky the same way again.”

“It’s absolutely phenomenal in so many ways,” says Heather Wilson, editor-in-chief of the Daily Dead News. – It perfectly mixes science fiction with a story that is basically a showdown with Hollywood. I completely lost my mind over it. It is beautifully photographed, the sound is thunderous and every character shines. I love it.”

“Suddenly, I can’t come up with a quick reaction, but it’s such an experience that it’s still swirling around in my head,” reveals Candice Frederick, the Huffington Post’s senior culture reporter.

In addition to critics, “civilians” are also far from the film.

“Don’t walk to the cinema, but rush to see it.”

Nope: yep!”

“The most important thing is that Nope is completely different from Jordan Peele’s previous films, Gone! and We. As expected, the director spread his wings and made a large-scale Spielberg film, but with a hidden message. Approach it with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.”

(Nope – domestic release: August 18, 2022)

Source: UIP Dunfilm

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