Even His Wife Can’t Slow George Clooney Down [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – George Clooney is working himself to death, and even his wife Amal Alamuddin can’t get him to slow down a bit. According to his friends, Globe Magazine reports that the 61-year-old star behaves as if he were half his age, constantly flying from America to Europe or Australia to film business meetings.


Last year, the cause for concern was that George Clooney was filming the romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise opposite Julia Roberts in Australia, and he occasionally flew home to his twins and his wife To Los Angeles, like someone who lacks mileage. In fact, the actor still looks quite fit, even though he faced pancreatic problems two years ago because he suddenly lost 15 kilos for the movie The Midnight Sky.

Clooney can’t sit still either because he works on half a dozen projects simultaneously as an actor, director and screenwriter, and even in the age of Zoom video conferences, he wants to negotiate with everyone face to face. The big chase is also due to the fact that the star does not want to make friends with the big studios, which would push the financially prepared productions in front of him, but wants to remain an independent creator who collects the money for his films himself.

Of course, all this is not visible in the new romantic film: Ticket to Paradise is a light comedy in which Roberts and Clooney play an ex-couple who want to prevent their daughter, according to them, rushed her wedding in Bali.

(Ticket to Paradise – domestic release: October 6, 2022)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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