Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has A New Lead Writer!

Ubisoft announced the game so long ago that it’s not having much of an impact at the moment…


The game has been in the works for about a decade and a half. And that puts Beyond Good & Evil 2 (which we’ll refer to as BG&E2) on about the same level as Duke Nukem Forever. Still, there was more than one publisher involved, whereas here, Michel Ancel’s game was being made under the management of Yves Guillemot. (The whole situation is made even funnier by the fact that sexual harassment allegations have also surfaced around Ancel, so the creator of the franchise, who also helped create Rayman, has since retired from the gaming industry… and that’s not even mentioning his other project, WiLD, announced as a PS4-exclusive eight years ago!)

The game was announced in 2008, and we heard in 2014 that yes, it was in the works, but then another eight years have passed, and we’re still only seeing concept arts, and we might see the AAAA game in maybe 2024. Despite this uncertainty, Sarah Arellano has announced on Twitter that she has become the lead writer for BG&E2!

Arellano’s LinkedIn profile says she was the narrative designer for the 2015 MOBA Vainglory at Super Evil Megacorp but has also been a writer at Deep Silver’s studio Volition (and as Arellano mentioned on Twitter, that she was working on the Saints Row reboot, we already know her involvement). Still, she also spent some time at Activision Blizzard, where she was also a narrative designer on World of Warcraft.

A spokesperson for Ubisoft said in an email to PCGamer: “We are delighted to welcome Sarah, who is one of the latest recruits on Beyond Good and Evil 2. The development team is working hard to deliver on the promise made to its community.” But after that, there’s not much more we can say. And we certainly can’t believe in the French company, because who knows how much money they’ve thrown at the project…

It’s no wonder they need the Chinese money: Tencent, a tech giant, wants to be Ubisoft’s biggest shareholder. We’ll miss the time when Vivendi tried to take control…

Source: PCGamer

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