PS Plus Premium Might Get Classic PS1 JRPG?!

According to a recent rumour circulating around the web, PS Plus Premium will soon be expanded to include a classic PlayStation 1 JRPG.



PS Plus Premium is the most expensive tier of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service, with different offerings, including a library of classic games from the PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 eras. Some of these titles even come with extra extras, such as trophy support. At the moment, it’s unclear exactly how often Sony will update its PS Plus Premium offering. We got new titles in July, and now another missing game may be added to the service relatively soon.

The latest rumours suggest that PS1 classic JRPG The Legend of Dragoon could be added to PS Plus Premium.

The rumour was sparked by a re-tweet from Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, who shared a tweet from The Legend of Dragoon’s composer from three years ago. This has prompted some to connect the dots and assume that Yoshida is hinting at something Legend of Dragoon-related, with the most likely possibility being that the game will be coming to PS Plus Premium soon.

While some may find this to be an exaggeration, it would make sense that Legend of Dragoon would eventually make its way to PS Plus Premium.

After all, Legend of Dragoon is an original PlayStation release, which means it doesn’t have to jump through the licensing hurdles that third-party titles have to overcome. Not only that, but Sony will need to add content to PS Plus Premium regularly if it hopes to retain its subscribers and attract new players to the platform. Hence, it’s conceivable that Legend of Dragoon could be included sooner rather than later, even if this is a blindside.

It’s also possible that Yoshida was hinting at a Legend of Dragoon remake, but that seems highly unlikely. And, of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that this re-tweeting means nothing, that we’re just casting shadows – so it’s best not to get too excited about it.


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