The Jordan Challenge Returns In NBA 2K23 – Here’s The Trailer! [VIDEO]

Jordan Challenge, first introduced in NBA 2K11, returns with improvements that will excite all sports fans.



The Jordan Challenge is, of course, a tribute to legendary American basketball player Michael Jordan. The famed Chicago Bulls player is confirmed to be the title star, and while he’s not the only basketball icon to be the poster boy for the 2K title, there’s no doubt that part of the experience will revolve around him. This is evidenced by the game mode mentioned in the title of NBA 2K23, which looks back at the player’s career through challenges and a wealth of information that will excite more than one fan.

The Jordan Challenge will feature 15 challenges that reflect the player’s career.

Jordan Challenge was initially released in NBA 2K11, but the makers of the new game feel it’s time to look back at the legendary player’s career from his first games at the University of North Carolina to his last shot with the Chicago Bulls. They’ll do so through a 15-challenge game mode that includes several improvements over the 2010 edition.


Jordan Challenge improvements


The challenges in NBA 2K23 will take us through some of Jordan’s iconic plays, so 2K has chosen to show us the context of each through changes over time. For one, the challenges will feature a complex video filtering system that recreates the televised experience of those games as they were broadcast in the 80s and 90s, complete with captions, lyrics, graphics and other broadcast elements that will evolve as the gameplay progresses.

Each game will be preceded by an interview with a star who was part of the moment.





While this already creates an authentic atmosphere, 2K wants to excite basketball fans further. And that’s why the games will be commentated by analyst Mike Fratello, better known as The Czar, who lived every aspect of the Jordan experience. And to understand the legend’s greatness, each of the 15 challenges will feature a pre-match interview with a star who was part of the game.

The Jordan Challenge doesn’t forget to reward players, so the challenges offer three goals that turn into stars as you complete them. Earning 40 stars unlocks unique items in MyTEAM and MyCAREER modes.


Jordan Challenge, a way to remember the legend


What is the reason why the authors decided to bring back the Jordan Challenge? According to 2K’s website, it’s a great way to explain the legendary player’s career to new generations: “One of the main differences between the 2K11 and 2K23 audiences is that many of our current players have never had the experience of seeing Michael Jordan play in person or live.”

Fans of all generations can enjoy the story of Michael Jordan’s 2K career.

“All they know about the player is from short clips, YouTube videos and/or stories from family members who have seen a man win six NBA championships in a single decade. With NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge, fans of all generations can relive the defining story of Michael Jordan’s career through our fully immersive storytelling experience,” 2K explains.

NBA 2K23 is scheduled for release on September 9 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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