Take-Two Disrespecting PC Users Once Again: NBA 2K23 To Be Last-Gen!

Take-Two will release no less than five versions of the latest NBA 2K.


So, the base edition of NBA 2K23 will be $60 for older consoles and $70 for current-gen machines. It’s standard practice for Take-Two to charge more for the 2020 console version, citing inflation. There’s a WNBA Edition, only available at GameStop in the US, where you can find Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, two female basketball players, on the box. As extra content, you can also get the two WNBA jerseys. The price is the same as the standard edition.

The Digital Deluxe Edition will be $80. It will give you access to both console generation versions, plus 10,000 points in the casino (i.e. MyTeam mode), ten tokens, 23 promo packs, a sapphire Devin Booker and a ruby Michael Jordan card, a Free Agent Option pack, a pair of diamond Jordan shoes, and a ruby Coach Card pack. MyCareer’s extra content includes 10 Skill Boost and Gatorade Boost types, a double XP coin for two hours, 4 Cover Star t-shirts, a backpack and arm sleeves, and a custom Cover Star skateboard. (Did we mention it’s a basketball game?)

The Michael Jordan Edition ($100) adds another 100,000 virtual currency in addition to the Digital Deluxe Edition content, while the $150 Championship Edition adds a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription and 100,000 virtual currency in addition to all the content listed so far; MyTeam adds a 10% XP boost to season progression, and MyCareer also includes one of those along with a Michael Jordan-themed go-kart. (We haven’t forgotten this is a basketball game, have we?)

NBA 2K23 launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 9, with PC players getting the last-gen version again. We could understand this for sports games released in 2020, but there was no improvement in 2021 (and Electronic Arts got a lot of flak for throwing the PS4/X1 version in front of PC for FIFA 22!). This year, Take-Two is dumping on PC players again. Will the last EA Sports FIFA game get the same “care” on PC? We think so. Just as a parting gift. It’s a shame how the publishers punish PC players.

Source: WCCFTech

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