Hideo Kojima Wants To Restructure Your Brain! (With His New Podcast…)

Hideo Kojima has launched his new podcast Brain Structure, a collaboration with Spotify that delves into the creative brain.



Legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima has released the first episode of his new podcast Brain Structure on Spotify. The 59-year-old master of storytelling, directing and all things game development is taking on a new challenge: hosting a podcast with international distribution. The podcast’s title is a reference to Kojima’s brain structure (so no, he’s not trying to reshape yours): he wants to give listeners an insight into how he thinks.

Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure will give listeners an insight into his unique vision of games and the creative process of developing great stories and characters.

The man behind the iconic Metal Gear franchise will share his insights on not only games but also movies, books, art and philosophy. In addition, each episode features a particular segment on the latest gaming news. This segment, The Geoff’s Answer (TGA), is presented by games journalist Geoff Keighley.

Kojima is no newcomer to the podcast scene, having hosted one back in 2005. This current version has grown out of a recent Japan-only project that has attracted much interest worldwide. In partnership with Spotify, Kojima Productions is now making it available to listeners worldwide. While you can hear Kojima’s take on specific upcoming games, such as hopefully a sneak peek at the rumoured Death Stranding 2 location, the podcast is designed to give listeners a more personal view of the master.

The first 25-minute episode of Brain Structure, entitled “Dive into the Brain of Hideo Kojima”, was released yesterday.

In the episode, Kojima talks about where the idea for Metal Gear came from and how Solid Snake came to be. He also celebrates the 35th anniversary of Metal Gear, which was first released for MSX in 1987. Announced at Gamescom a few weeks ago, the podcast will also feature guests from a range of professional backgrounds. Although it was announced that business, technology, and entertainment personalities would also appear, no names were revealed.

Hideo Kojima said that one of his unique workflows is working on all aspects of his games simultaneously, rather than focusing on one task at a time. He says this is close to how Pixar works. In fact, Kojima sometimes praises his favourite films online, as they have an intimate effect on him, and he has a huge passion for them. At least some of his guests may be famous filmmakers.

The first episode is already available on Spotify, and further episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays at 21:00 JST. An original Japanese version and a dubbed English version are available for each episode.

Source: Spotify

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