[UF 2022] New Video from Skull & Bones Reveals More Ship Customisation Options [VIDEO]

The Skull & Bones got a new reveal during today’s Ubisoft Forward as we inch closer to the November 8th release date. Welcome to the world of pirates!


After all the delays and bad news about the development, we didn’t think Skull & Bones would ever be released, but now we can see this pirate ship on the horizon, especially since it has two previews and a gameplay trailer at Ubisoft Forward, focusing on ship customization, upgrades, weapon arsenal and smuggling. You can watch them all below.

Skull & Bones’ backstory is set in the 17th century Indian Ocean and its environs, where you can go on a rampage as a sea marauder. The most important element of the game will of course be your ship, which you and your crew can customise to your liking, and you’ll also need to upgrade it with powerful weapons and sturdy defences to withstand the onslaught of attacks and clashes. And we can use trade networks to not only steal, but also smuggle various goods.

Ubisoft also talked about smuggling in Forward. We will not be able to find out information about the networks we are connected to in the game until we have reached the right level of Infamy, or notoriety, and we will also have to open our hideout, called The Helm, in the game. This will serve as the headquarters of our smuggling network. Here we can make rum and opium, which we can sell for a hefty price. You can also take on various missions in The Helm, bypassing the other pirate leaders.

You can upgrade your ship according to three main characteristics: (fire) power, manoeuvrability and cargo space. These have additional perks, such as even more damage. In addition, you can equip your ship with a variety of weapons (ballistas, mortars, rocket launchers, torpedoes, other cannons, etc.) and ammunition, such as armour, furniture and other cosmetic items, to make it look like a fearsome pirate craft rather than a boat. The choice of cannons should be based on what you want to achieve in a particular engagement, i.e. whether you want to sink the enemy or loot him. Armour-piercing projectiles and sail-breaking cannonballs are also available. As for protection: for example, different skins are excellent against fire.

Skull & Bones will be released on 8 November for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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