A Plague Tale: Requiem: The Better Lighting’s And The DualSense’s Effect

The lead level designer at Asobo Studio (the game’s developer) has told us how much fun he thinks the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence will be on PlayStation 5.


Interviewed in the latest issue of Play Magazine, Asobo Studio’s Kevin Pinson praised the PlayStation 5. Still, as the comments about lighting aren’t just for Sony, it’s safe to assume that the Xbox Series will be in mind, as the sequel to the hugely successful indie game A Plague Tale: Innocence will be multiplatform.

“Specifically, we are a game about light. The PlayStation 5’s power allows us to have more lights, [and] do more things with it. It’s costly from a game engine perspective to use the light as a gameplay mechanic, but this current gen allows us to use more dynamic lights. The light was an important mechanic in the previous game, enabling you to keep rats away from Amicia, but that’s being expanded with the use of tar. When you throw it at an open flame, that sticky stuff will increase a torch’s flaming radius for a time, the broader light allowing you to reach areas you couldn’t before,” Pinson said.

He also praised the DualSense controller: “The process of remastering the original game for the PlayStation 5 was beneficial to the team, helping them work out early on what unique features they could implement on the console. Naturally, the studio is doubling down on using DualSense’s haptics to ensure you feel that dreadful sensation of being swarmed by rats between your fingers. With Plague Tale: Requiem, it’s also a lot about the soundscapes and the physicality of the environment, so we try to transcribe that into the haptic feedback. It’s excellent playing with the DualSense controller. I’m happy people will soon play and give us feedback about it!”

He’s right: A Plague Tale: Requiem, which will require 15-18 hours to beat, is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam) on October 18. It will also be on Game Pass and available to run from the cloud on Nintendo Switch.

Source: WCCFTech

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