The Sequel To Another Lucasfilm Games Adventure Game Incoming?! The Producer of Return to Monkey Island is Hinting at It!

One of the producers of Return to Monkey Island hints that a sequel to another classic adventure game from Lucasfilm Games may follow.


The producer associated with Return to Monkey Island hints that another sequel to one of Lucasfilm Games’ classic point-and-click adventure games may follow. Return to Monkey Island is something of a miracle for many fans of point-and-click adventure games. Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, and the creators of Monkey Island left the company long before that. Now that Return to Monkey Island is back, there’s a renewed hope for sequels to other beloved games – and now it might even become a reality.

What made Return to Monkey Island possible wasn’t just Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert’s willingness to make a new game. The biggest key to making the project happen was that Disney changed its approach to making games. Not only did Disney allow the game to be developed further by a third party, Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox studio, but also that point-and-click adventure games are largely passion projects. This is what makes fans of the genre so hopeful.

We don’t take just any new game tease seriously, but when it comes from Craig Derrick, an executive producer at Lucasfilm Games, a tease is something to be taken seriously. Derrick recently posted congratulations to the Terrible Toybox team for creating a “true masterpiece of its genre.” This was followed by a second post on Twitter, which read: “I’m sure we’ll have more to say in the coming weeks and months, but for now I’m ready when it’s time to GO BACK IN THE HOUSE!”. The reference is to Lucasfilm Games’ 1987 game Maniac Mansion.

While the reference is obvious, Derrick’s tweet in August, well before Return to Monkey Island was released, makes the connection even clearer. Derrick retweeted a throwback post mentioning that Maniac Mansion was the first Lucasfilm Games title to be developed and published by the company. Derrick’s comment to this was “I know I have to… I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE HOUSE”. Suffice it to say that Derrick either really wants to play Maniac Mansion again, or they might be trying to make a new sequel for the game.

Of course, Maniac Mansion already has a sequel, a very popular and beloved one at that. Day of the Tentacle was released in 1993 and is considered by some to be the best point-and-click adventure game ever made. Terrible Toybox’s Ron Gilbert helped develop Maniac Mansion, and Day of the Tentacle was co-directed by Dave Grossman. This is a recipe for success if Terrible Toybox decides to make another game with Lucasfilm Games.

However, there is one big hurdle to overcome. Point-and-click adventure games are not very successful businesses. They will never have the potential audience of a shooter or an open world action game. It’s entirely possible that Return to Monkey Island won’t be successful enough to warrant more Disney-backed point-and-click adventure games. But it’s a good sign that executive producer Craig Derrick wants more. Maybe a Maniac Mansion 2 from the resurgent Lucasfilm Games could happen after all.

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