Vin Diesel Suggests Marvel Wants to Make a Standalone Groot Movie

MOVIE NEWS – Vin Diesel’s Groot is one of the most popular members of the MCU, and according to the actor, he may even get his own movie.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding in new and unexpected ways lately, with movies like Moon Knight and Night Werewolf delving into darker Marvel history, the She-Hulk series heading into metacomedy, and the future films like Blade and Thunderbolts continue to push the boundaries of the MCU. Could the future of the franchise include a solo Groot movie? It could be according to star Vin Diesel, who has played the recurring but iconic character in Guardians of the Galaxy since 2014, who says Marvel wants to make a Planet X movie, which is Groot’s home planet.

In addition to appearing in all of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, Groot has been an integral part of the MCU. In Avengers: Infinity War, Groot literally gave his arm to help Thor create Stormbreaker, and after returning for Avengers: Endgame, he also got his own cute and funny short film series on Disney+. Could Marvel now be considering giving the character his own movie? Maybe… or maybe not. Diesel took to his Instagram account to post a picture of Baby Groot resting with a cucumber over his eye, commenting that his niece thanked him for making the Groot shorts before dropping a potential spoiler for the future. He wrote: “This isn’t the best thing I’ve ever done:

“So my niece called me and said… thank you Uncle Vin for doing I Am Groot, haha… a short film written and directed by the talented Kristin Lepore. It was a great experience making it and watching with my angels. No wonder Marvel wants to make a Planet X movie.”


Vin Diesel has already sold Marvel spoilers


There have always been a few Marvel stars who have been the source of many spoilers and early reveals over the years, some by accident and others seemingly on purpose. Since there’s been no official word on any solo Groot project in the works, Diesel’s post could be a spoiler like that, but it could be part of something else, say Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4.

Diesel previously announced that Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Guardians of the Galaxy and revealed that Alpha Groot will be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, although the film’s director, James Gunn, has since denied this. that would happen. Whether or not his comments about Marvel wanting to return to Groot’s home planet come true, or even set the stage for the new Guardians movie, remains to be seen, but there are plenty of fan theories suggesting that some big character deaths are on the horizon, which may cause Groot to need some reunification with his own kind. This could be a future story, but if it does come, it will probably have to wait until Phase 7, as the Multiverse saga will be the focus for the next few years.

Source: MovieWeb

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