Silent Hill 2: Masahiro Ito Personally Debunked A Popular Fan Theory!

Art director and monster designer Masahiro Ito has debunked a long-standing rumour about Silent Hill 2 that has been bothering fans for decades.



Masahiro Ito, the art director and monster designer of the Silent Hill franchise, has debunked a long-standing Silent Hill 2 theory that has been a fan favourite for years. In many ways, the series owes its popularity to its layered storytelling, as it delves into the psyches of the characters and brings their nightmares to life. It’s no surprise that Silent Hill 2 players have many theories about what Konami was trying to say in the game, not just about the main character James, but about the player.

The fan theory in question relates to the first moments of Silent Hill 2.

Before the players take control, a short film clip introduces the protagonist James. He is in a public restroom, standing in front of the sink. Leaning forward, he looks into the mirror, but his face and eyes are covered in darkness. Fans have since lit up the scene, revealing that James is not looking at himself in the mirror. He is looking through the reflection in the player’s direction, or so some Silent Hill 2 fans believe.

In a message posted on Twitter, Masahiro Ito clarified the matter. According to Ito, this is simply not true. “James doesn’t look at the player,” Ito explained sharply. A subsequent tweet reveals his frustration: “I’m so fed up with this.”

Ito doesn’t dissect the issue any further, leaving the oddity unexplained.

It should be noted that Ito has previously spoken about this on Twitter. Even back in 2020, he didn’t know the answer to whether James had looked at the player. That’s because Takayoshi Sato directed the scene and sculpted the model. Ito said then and in other interviews that he didn’t believe James looked at the player. It just didn’t make sense, and there was no explanation.

It is unclear whether Ito has since consulted Sato. He is still a game developer and works at Nintendo. Or Ito is simply so tired of the subject that he is willing to make a stern statement even if he doesn’t know the answer. What Ito does make clear, however, is that even if James’ eyes are modelled to look in a strange direction, the theory makes no sense.

Silent Hill 2 is not about breaking the fourth wall in any capacity.

Whether Ito’s statement has any impact on fans’ theories is unclear. But hopefully, they will leave it alone either way. Let’s trust that Silent Hill 2 remake developer Bloober Team will also avoid the topic. If only to stop Ito from being questioned further.

Source: Twitter

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