Quentin Tarantino Confirms He Will Never Make a Marvel Movie, He Explains Why

MOVIE NEWS – Well, that’s why Quentin Tarantino will never make a Marvel movie, and he also explained why he doesn’t think Star Wars is that great. We couldn’t imagine him doing it.


Quentin Tarantino consumed an industrial amount of film as a young man, giving him a ‘cinematic sense’ that allows him to mix genres, styles and tones easily. Tarantino has dabbled in many genres, directing crime stories, westerns, war films, historical tableaux (think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) and even Star Trek. But what would a superhero movie from the creator look like? Well, we’ll never know because, like Martin Scorsese or Denis Villeneuve, he shies away from Marvel and its ilk, and he doesn’t think much of Star Wars, however much he may have been fascinated by it.

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Quentin Tarantino on the occasion of the publication of his new work, a unique book of film history, Cinema Speculation. In it, Tarantino drew a parallel between the 1960s and our time, between the blockbusters of today and the blockbusters of the 1960s, the musicals of that era and the superhero films of today, in the sense that the musicals had also faded from the mainstream by the end of the decade, and that the time had come for the real directorial genius and the Hollywood renaissance. “There are not as many signs [pointing to change] now as there were in 1969, when [studios] were in a panic and said, ‘Oh my God, we’ve shovelled a wagonload of money into things that nobody cares about anymore,'” Tarantino says. And that was the logical answer to the question of why he himself hadn’t directed superhero movies before when many directors like him had. I’m not. I don’t need a job,” was the director’s reasoning for his departure from Marvel and DC.

In his book, Quentin Tarantino reportedly doesn’t talk much about Star Wars, one of the pioneers of modern blockbusters. Instead, he celebrates The Shark, another great landmark film that he has already defined as the best audience film of all time. Tarantino, of course, did not deny to the L.A. Times that he was enchanted by 1977’s Star Wars when he was 14, but he does not consider it one of the best films. “Of course, I loved Star Wars. How could I not? But I remember – and I don’t say ‘but’ in a negative sense, but in a positive sense. So I was completely captivated by the film, I was adventuring with the characters… When the lights came on in the cinema, I was ecstatic. I looked around and then, right there, I realised, ‘Wow! What a moment in cinema history!’. But these days, these are not the kind of films I like. Ultimately, I’m more of a guy who prefers the Third Encounters, the bigger idea, and Spielberg’s strength has always been his ability to make a movie poster for the average person, not just for the movie buff. Few films have a climax like Encounters of the Third Kind. It just blows up the audience’s ranks,” Tarantino said.

In the course of the conversation, Tarantino also revealed that he hadn’t been able to see Bambi, nor Wes Craven’s cult classic The Last House on the Left, so for him they were in the same category, which meant he watched them as horror, and they were set in the same place, in a forest. What a coincidence!

For the time being, we are waiting for that last film from Quentin Tarantino, which may not happen, as Kill Bill vol. 1-2. can be seen as two separate films, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, about the Dream Factory, also works as a nice farewell.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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