TÁR: The Director Who Was Pushed Into the Field by Tom Cruise

MOVIE NEWS – Tom Cruise co-starred with a young actor in the Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut and got noticed. She predicted that he would become a director one day, and he was right. Todd Field has already directed a film nominated for three Oscars, which is a masterpiece (Little Secrets), and now he comes up with another work, for which he also wrote the screenplay.


TÁR is about a brilliant conductor (Cate Blanchett) who would sacrifice everything for success, and because of this he loses his extent.

Field likes and knows how to write screenplays, but TÁR is the first one that is entirely his own composition and has also been turned into a film (Small secrets‘s adaptation), as he was discouraged from writing original screenplays early in his career. As he told Variety, after receiving his film degree, he wrote an autobiographically inspired screenplay, which he described as a peculiarly American relative of Francois Truffaut’s The Four Hundred Strikes. His agent, however, told him to leave it all, the eighties were not an independent era, no one cares. This caused Field to fall completely into himself, and he did not write an original screenplay for two decades.

But recently, during covid, Peter Kujawski, the president of the production company Focus Features, approached him and told him to write something he wanted to, and it would become a movie. Field was so enthusiastic that he wrote the script for TÁR in a short three months in quarantine.

Everyone so likes the LIBRARY that they say it can be nominated for an Oscar in all major categories, especially Cate Blanchett, who gives a phenomenal performance in the title role.

(TÁR – domestic presentation: February 16, 2023.)

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