Microsoft “Deals with Gold”: Loads Of Classic Xbox Games Cheaper Than Ever!

Many backwards-compatible games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 era are now available as part of Microsoft Deals with Gold.



The latest Xbox Deals with Gold promotion is live. Thanks to Xbox Series X/S backwards compatibility, gamers can enjoy a range of classic titles. From the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox era. Microsoft is no stranger to offering discounts on its older titles. The green team is also known for giving free Xbox store credits to gamers just for owning a console.

This latest promotion includes several classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games, with generous discounts ranging from 40% off the usual RRP to a massive 80% off.

The promotion includes Rockstar’s blockbuster titles such as Red Dead Redemption, Bully, GTA 4 and all three Max Payne titles.

The last games will undoubtedly be exciting for gamers as remakes of the first two Max Payne titles are currently in development at Remedy Entertainment. While Rockstar is heavily involved in the Deals with Gold action, Ubisoft and 2K Games are prominent success stories. Among them are Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends and cult shooter The Darkness, all of which are available on the Xbox Store.

As for Red Dead Redemption, it’s worth noting that the 4K/HDR update is particularly well done. So those who invest in it on Xbox Series can expect solid visuals.

With sales of over 40 games from previous generations, gamers are almost spoilt for choice. However, it’s worth noting that folks need either an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription to access these discounts.

Microsoft has historically been more generous when unlocking older games on newer hardware, although that stance has changed recently.

To celebrate two decades of the Xbox, 75 more games were made available. But the company announced that it no longer planned to add more games to the back catalogue. This stance may change, however, as Microsoft may also make older Activision Blizzard games, such as the original Call of Duty, available through backward compatibility. Similar to how the company added Bethesda’s game library to Game Pass after the deal was struck.

Source: Xbox News

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