New Sony Patent Uses Machine Learning To Improve Controllers!

TECH NEWS – Sony has patented a controller input recognition technology that can significantly improve the gaming experience.



Sony is researching a controller input recognition technology that could significantly improve the gaming experience. This would be achieved by providing viewers with accurate controller input captions inferred from game footage. The entertainment giant just last week obtained a patent for such a solution. Like most of Sony’s recent patents, the newly published concept relies on unique machine-learning models to perform computational tasks.

The company’s latest patent describes an artificial intelligence system that would augment game footage with automatically generated input subtitles, even without access to the actual controller metadata of the recorded sessions.

The technology would thus be based on robustly trained machine learning models. These would have to be taught game mechanics based on game mechanics. As this would likely require a significant commitment for each new title, Sony would likely limit this solution to its exclusive games. These budgets can support investments such as teams of artificial intelligence scientists. (Also, trailers starring LeBron James and John Travolta.)





All this assumes, of course, that Sony even tries to commercialise the technology. And that is far from certain, especially for a company of this size. It often files patent applications defensively, simply to keep specific approaches open to royalty-free implementation in the future. Even if you do not plan to pursue them actively.

Although the patent just obtained focuses primarily on a method for analysing pre-recorded footage, advances in chip manufacturing may eventually enable a similar solution to be implemented in real-time.

This would have precise applications in streaming. Alternatively, it could potentially be of great importance for small eSports events. Where organisers do not have the technical know-how to implement traditional streaming using input captioning based on controller metadata.

Meanwhile, the maker of PS5 is also exploring the idea of using machine learning models to teach games to play for demo purposes. Another recent patent describes a “what if” gameplay system.

Source: Guardado Rapido

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