Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Major Character May Get A New Voice Actor!

Insomniac Games may replace the voice actor from Marvel’s Spider-Man as Harry Osborn in the upcoming Playstation 5 exclusive sequel.



The voice actor for Marvel’s Spider-Man character Harry Osborn may be replaced again in the second instalment. Harry Osborn is a crucial character in the Spider-Man storyline, but he was largely and surprisingly absent from Insomniac’s game. However, this will likely change in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as Peter Parker’s friend and heir to the Green Goblin cape will jump into the main cast. But it looks like Osborn’s original voice actor will be left behind.

With Harry Osborn’s future uncertain, his voice actor has made it clear that a change is happening behind the scenes.

In a now-deleted tweet, voice actor Scott Porter shared that he will not be returning for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The reason is that Insomniac is looking for a “photorealistic” voice actor for the motion capture. The same way they used to do it for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Parker explains that the age difference between him and Harry was “too great to overcome”. He says it hurts, but he understands.

Fans of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man may recall that Insomniac recast Peter Parker’s face model during the development of the game’s remaster. In a very different decision, Insomniac has retained Peter Parker’s voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal. The only actor replaced is the one who plays Parker’s face. It is not clear why Insomniac went in a different direction with Harry Osborne. Although Porter says it is a matter of age, it may be more likely that a more popular voice actor was hired because of the increased scope of the role.

Porter probably deleted the tweet due to concerns over the NDA information and the potential damage to his partnership with Sony.

Porter has been cast as Heimdall in God of War: Ragnarök, so he has a good relationship with Sony. Another possible reason is the heated atmosphere around the voice actor changes after the recent Bayonetta controversy.

It’s never a good thing when someone loses their job. Especially at a time when voice actors are struggling to get decent pay and compensation. Porter gave a solid performance as Harry Osborn in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Insomniac, for better or worse, seems to be moving in a new direction for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Perhaps because a younger-faced actor is needed. Maybe it’s the pay, or maybe Harry Osborn becoming Green Goblin or Venom demands a change. Hopefully, Insomniac will share more information soon.

Source: Reddit

Harry Osborn’s voice actor will not be returning for Spider-Man 2. from SpidermanPS4

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