Spider-Man 2 Is Leaking – Here’s Everything We’ve Learned!

A well-known leaker has given fans encouraging news about the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game in development by Insomniac Games.



Leakster Millie A has sniffed out a few things about Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games. She said that the game would exceed expectations and that gameplay would be shown soon. The game was first announced in September 2021, but fans haven’t seen it since. However, if Millie A’s information is correct, it looks like Spider-Man fans will get to see the long-awaited sequel again sooner rather than later.

Taking to Twitter, Millie A said that Spider-Man 2 on PS5 is “exceeding expectations for Marvel higher-ups.”

She added that the graphics are so stunning that one employee thought he was actually looking at a cut-scene. Millie A concluded her tweet by saying that the gameplay for Spider-Man 2 would be revealed soon but did not give any specifics on that front.

While Millie A didn’t reveal when exactly we’ll see gameplay, it’s possible it could be as early as this month. There are recurring rumours that Sony is preparing for its annual PlayStation Showcase sometime this month, and if this is confirmed, Spider-Man 2 could be one of the main attractions at the event. However, Sony has yet to announce that there will indeed be such an event, so fans should definitely temper their expectations before they get too excited.

Of course, we should always be wary of ‘leaked’ information, and the same goes for Millie A’s claims.

It should be noted, however, that Millie A has considerable experience when it comes to sharing inside information. He had accurately leaked information about PlayStation announcements in the past, such as when he revealed Insomniac’s Wolverine game ahead of its premiere, so it makes sense that he would have legitimate information about Spider-Man 2.

Source: Twitter

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