No Recognition For An Intern In God Of War: Ragnarök? [VIDEO]

She says that Sony Santa Monica Studio didn’t give her enough credit for her work because her name isn’t on the credits…


Music is a vital part of video games (because it’s one of the ways to create something lasting… think of Nobuo Uematsu in Final Fantasy), but somehow, the gaming industry has had problems with it, too. Just think of the case of Mick Gordon with DOOM Eternal (and Bethesda rejected that…), but there was also a minor hiccup for Sony: an intern, Jessica Mao, worked on the soundtrack for God of War: Ragnarök, but we don’t see her name in the credits!

” I’m so happy to see so many folks enjoying God of War Ragnarök! I worked on the editing/arrangement/implementation of the Freya chase scene and Thor boss fight music. I want to give a quick shoutout to Thor’s fight because that was a fun exercise in music arranging. The original mix was too fully orchestrated and had to be toned down to make room to grow in later phases. I made new stems using different combinations of the original stems in ways that I felt worked best musically.

The stem I’m proudest of is one where I removed all instruments and left just the percussion and vocals. Unfortunately, my name is not in the credits, and apparently, it can’t be added in a patch update. I was told that to be credited, my contribution to the game must hit some “minimum criteria.” I’m still not sure what this criteria could be. It was incredibly disappointing and discouraging to learn, and I’d hate for anyone else to go through it. Game developers, please credit EVERYONE who participates in the development of a game. It only makes sense. Have a beautiful day!” Mao wrote on Twitter.

We don’t yet know what the sequel to this story will be, but Mao has shown in several videos what she had in mind for the game, which is available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Source: WCCFTech

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