Splinter Cell Is Getting A Radio Adaptation!

We had no idea that Sam Fisher, who Ubisoft has severely neglected for years, would become a transmedia character in this way…


Splinter Cell has been one of Ubisoft’s biggest IPs… two decades ago. Since then, Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed have filled this role, but the French publisher has finally realized that Sam Fisher doesn’t have a fanbase of negligible size, and so Yves Guillemot’s company has finally announced that a remake of the first Splinter Cell is finally in the works (but we fear for the result; the questionable state of Beyond Good & Evil 2, the also unusually silent Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake and the postponed Skull & Bones don’t give us much reason to be confident about Ubisoft…).

However, we can expect a radio adaptation. It’s called Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall, and it starts on BBC Radio 4 on December 2 at 2:15 PM UK time. The BBC’s fourth radio program is speech-focused, so it could be a dramatic program in which Sam Fisher embarks on a new mission to find and train a new generation of agents responsible for the NSA’s covert operations. Andonis Anthony will voice Sam Fisher, Daisy Head will be the voice of Sarah Fisher, and Sacha Dhawan, Will Poulter, and Nikesh Patel will also be heard in the eight-episode series.

“When a lethal assassin from Fisher’s past returns from the dead on a mission of murder, he is thrust into a race against time as a sinister threat to global security is revealed,” reads the official description, which will be available to buy as a boxset from BBC Sounds from next Friday. So it won’t be easy for Sam this time, as he has to go from being a mere mentor to a world-saving hero again.

It’s not a bad idea, but we can only imagine what they’d do with Splinter Cell: Double Agent, in which (as the title suggests) Sam Fisher was a double agent!

Source: PSU

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