This Santa Claus in Violent Night Will “Die Hard”

MOVIE NEWS – Admittedly, Die Hard was one of the sources of inspiration for the creators of the merry Christmas murder comedy called Violent Night: on the eve of the big holiday Santa Claus is forced to show a group of bloodthirsty mercenaries that the big-bearded grandfather’s putt hides more than just nuts and hazelnuts.


The film’s director, the Norwegian Tommy Wirkola (Nazi Zombies, Witch Hunters) can proudly list other foreshadows. One of them is obviously Home Alone, where a little boy methodically tortures criminals in honor of Christmas, but Bad Santa also gave Wirkola a huge boost. In the bitter comedy, which also ended with the sequel, Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton plays a down-and-out alcoholic actor who gets a side job as Santa Claus in December while moving from one mess to another and trying to create relative order in the pile of rubble that is his life.

“This piece is one of my favorite films, and its spirit hovered over the filming locations of  Violent Night,” says Wirkola. – Tapló tálapó lists the roughest life situations and is full of absurd humor, yet manages to convey the eternal message of Christmas. People come out of the cinema jumping happily as if they have seen a genuine Christmas movie. I think  Violent Night also became like that.”

(Violent Night – domestic premiere: December 1, 2022, i.e. this Thursday!)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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