Victoria 3: Paradox Developers Celebrate Massive Success!

Victoria 3 reached the 500 000 sales milestone, making it one of the most successful releases in Paradox’s history.



Paradox loves strategy games, and a large part of the audience is equally passionate about their games. Crusaders Kings III was already a great example of this, but they’ve gone even further with Victoria 3.

Now Paradox is celebrating as they boast that they have sold over 500,000 copies of Victoria 3 since its release.

They have also come up with some very interesting gameplay-related statistics. From these stats, it is clear that this is one of the most successful releases in the company’s history.





To celebrate this milestone, a press release announced that “the game will also receive several important updates that will provide greater historical immersion, more diplomatic options and improved military planning”. It was also highlighted that Victoria 3 had been nominated in The Game Awards 2022 “Best Simulation/Strategy Game” category. If you want to support them, remember you can do so on the official website.

It was also highlighted that they have recently released the schedule for the title for the coming months.

One of the upcoming updates “will include much-requested changes from players and new ways to influence potential allies through diplomatic efforts,” the press release highlights.

Either way, we really liked Crusader Kings III (even the console version!), so we look forward to the developers’ upcoming titles.

Source: Paradox Forum, The Game Awards

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