According to Norman Reedus, the Daryl Spin-off is a Fresh Start for The Walking Dead

MOVIE NEWS – Daryl Dixon is embarking on his own Walking Dead adventure, but it will feel like a fresh start for the franchise.


Many former fans of The Walking Dead believe that the show should have been dumped years ago. With three new spin-off series coming soon, can the zombie franchise climb out of its grave? The question seems to be yes, if we ask Norman Reedus, who thinks that the Daryl spin-off series will bring a kind of reset to the franchise.

Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, was seen riding a motorcycle in the finale of The Walking Dead. Thanks to numerous reports about The Walking Dead’s next direction, we already know that it will lead to Europe, where it looks like it will cross paths with the previous Walking Dead spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. While speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his starring role in the spin-off, Reedus mentioned that the series will be a “fresh start” for the franchise. He said: “This is a very important thing that I cannot do:

“It’s a fresh start. You learn a lot after 12 years on the show, and there are certain paths that you inevitably have to go down because [the cast is so big]. We don’t have that there. It’s a fresh start for us, with all the things we loved doing it, and with a lot of others.”

With The Walking Dead’s main series came to an end, the focus now shifts to three very different individual stories. Negan and Maggie are in danger in New York, Rick’s whereabouts are finally revealed when he reunites with Michonne, and Daryl finds himself in France, potentially on the hunt for an antidote to the zombie outbreak. Previously, Walking Dead Universe Head of Content Scott Gimple commented:

“The Daryl spinoff is set in France. [The World Beyond coda] is a little taste of some of the things Daryl has to face. Daryl is a fish in water at the beginning. When Daryl finds himself around new people, he’s still a fish in water. In France, in a country where the apocalypse is happening, [it’s] a completely different thing. You find yourself reinventing yourself, finding yourself again, and you’re probably not the only people in the world with , with whom you feel comfortable.”

In the series, Carol was originally supposed to join the arrow-wielding biker in his new adventure, but this did not happen, as Melissa McBride could not commit to filming in Europe for the series. However, AMC’s announcement hinted that Carol could return at some point in the future. Their message concluded:

“Relocating to Europe has become logistically unsustainable for Melissa at this time. We know fans will be disappointed by the news, but The Walking Dead universe continues to grow and expand in interesting ways, and we really hope to see them again in the near future.” we can see Carol”.

The new Walking Dead spin-offs will begin airing on AMC in 2023.

Source: MovieWeb

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