Why Are They Knocking In The Cabin

MOVIE NEWS – We have become accustomed to the fact that M. Night Shyamalan likes to make a big twist at the end of his films, putting the story in a completely different light. He did the same in the ratings record-breaking Sixth Sense, which catapulted him to the forefront of Hollywood. Many people immediately watched the film again just to check if everything works even with the knowledge of the slushy. It worked.


A similar experience awaits viewers in the screenwriter-director’s new film, Knocking at the Cabin. Of course, the creators do not reveal the joke, and it is not even possible to know exactly what the film is about.

It’s no secret that the film is based on a novel that was published four years ago, but Shyamalan indicated that he used to touch on the source material, and he did so now. The trailer shows that a family of three – a little girl and her two fathers – go to a house in the forest to relax. Four armed strangers knock on their door and give them a choice. They have to make a decision on which the fate of all humanity depends. It is not known what this decision is. The studio and the director argued a lot about whether to reveal what it was about in the trailer.

“The discussion went on and on, and finally we decided not to, because that would be too much. It just turns out that it’s not a good thing that they have to decide,” Shyamalan revealed to Collider.

(Knock at the Cabin – domestic premiere: February 2, 2023)

Source: UIP

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