We Also Understood This: Oppenheimer Was Not A Soviet Spy

MOVIE NEWS – J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the fathers of the American atomic bomb, got his security clearance back after 68 years. He was investigated in 1954, and investigators concluded that he may have had ties to the Soviets. Translated and simplified into Hungarian, the revocation of the certificate means that the scientist did not pass the type C vetting, so he posed a national security risk, and therefore no longer had access to confidential documents.


This was the coldest period of the Cold War, in America it is called the McCarthy era after the name of the senator who, at the head of the Committee to Investigate Anti-American Activities, conducted a real witch hunt against real or perceived communists and Soviet spies. Now the US Department of Energy has released a statement that says the 1954 investigation was misguided and didn’t meet its own rules.

The move unintentionally came at a good time, because the film Oppenheimer, which presents the scientist’s professional and personal life as well as the nuclear program itself, will soon be released in cinemas. One of today’s most successful directors, Christopher Nolan, writes the film (Batman trilogy, Origins, Dunkirk), and the major roles are full of big stars, starting with the title character Cillian Murphy

(Oppenheimer – domestic premiere: July 20, 2023)

Source: UIP

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