Fortnite: Finally Details Leak On The Rumored Dead Space Bundle!

Leaked details about the collaboration between Fortnite and Dead Space reveal the Isaac Clarke Strange Transmissions Quest Pack.



More details about the previously leaked Fortnite and Dead Space collaboration have been shared. The latest update appears to have confirmed some critical information about the upcoming Dead Space offering. The collaboration seems to be an entire mission pack, not just an outfit pack.

EA Motive is preparing to launch its Dead Space remake on all major platforms on January 27. The remake will take the iconic 2008 sci-fi horror game and give it a modern facelift. Considering the anticipation that has been building ahead of the Dead Space remake, it’s no surprise that EA is teaming up with Epic Games. In early December, Fortnite leakers revealed that they had found evidence that the Dead Space collaboration would be released on January 23. However, specific details about the content of the cooperation were missing.

The latest update from Fortnite leakers provides some previously missing information about the Dead Space collaboration.

Instead of a simple skin pack, the Dead Space collaboration will include a real money bundle. The Strange Transmissions Quest Pack will consist of an Outfit, two Back Blings, a Pickaxe, an Outfit-specific Emote, and quests that will reward a total of 1,500 V-Bucks. Unfortunately, the exact price of the pack has not yet been leaked.

Real-money Fortnite bundles have their own advantages over in-game V-Buck bundles. For one, they often represent a higher value than V-Buck bundles. Given that they include an Outfit and V-Buck rewards. They also have a more significant amount of content. On the other hand, V-Buck bundles tend to be somewhat more limited. However, not all players have extra cash to spend. Unlike V-Bucks, which can be earned with Fortnite battle tokens.

To clarify, no official announcement has been made yet about the leaked Dead Space collaboration in Fortnite. However, it’s unlikely to be fake or cancelled this close to a potential release date. However, some details may be incorrect or incomplete.

It could be that the Dead Space bundle will have more content, or perhaps some of the content has been inaccurately described; so, like all rumours, these should be treated with due caution.

We are just over a week away from the release of the Dead Space remake. Even less until the rumoured arrival of the Strange Transmissions Quest Pack. So an official announcement is likely within days. Dead Space may not be as popular as it once was, but for fans of the horror franchise, it’s a great way to celebrate this influential series.


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