Marvel’s Avengers: Developers’ Greedy Move Causes Serious Outrage!

Fans of Marvel’s Avengers are up in arms after the creators announced $80 worth of cosmetic DLC days before the game’s post-launch support was cut off.



Many fans are outraged after Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics released its most expensive DLC pack ever. The news came even before it was announced that post-launch support for the game would be discontinued. Now many gamers feel cheated and betrayed by the studio.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, and gamers expected the game to be the basis of superhero stories for years to come.

The overall failure of Marvel’s Avengers was a surprise, as it was preceded by great anticipation ahead of its 2020 release. The initial lukewarm reception left the game in a constant battle to win back fans. That’s how it ended up in the position it’s in now.

The “MCU Outfit Pack” released by the developer brings ten costumes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Marvel’s Avengers. At $80, it is the most expensive DLC pack in the game’s short history. Just a few days after the DLC’s release, Crystal Dynamics announced that post-launch support for the game would be discontinued. This means that from March 31, 2023, all previous cosmetics will be free for all players. Most of the previous DLC for the game was cosmetic. Despite players’ strong desire for additional in-game content to extend the life of the game.

Players on the topic were quick to raise their concerns about the move. As Redditor The_Sterex says, “Yeah this can’t be defended. Imagine buying this bundle only to be told a few days later that all cosmetics are free after March.” The players’ frustration is understandable. Moreover, it reflects the consistent pattern of behaviour of the developer over the years. It remains to be seen how Crystal Dynamics will handle the situation.

In the past, botched games like Cyberpunk 2077 have been subject to refunds, although this is not the case with poorly timed DLCs.

The move could be seen as the developers’ last cynical cash grab. In the past, Crystal Dynamics has been criticised for its paid XP boosts for Marvel’s Avengers. So this would still be in line with the game’s business strategy. Despite the end of post-launch support, players can still play single and multiplayer modes. It is possible that the free cosmetics may even bring new players to the program.

Source: Reddit

Idc what anyone says, the release of the most cosmetic expensive bundle ever days before the shut down was announced isn’t a coincidence. A clear example of the greed that killed this game. from PlayAvengers

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