Metro Games Developers Have Finally Gave A Sign Of Life!

The Ukraine-based 4A Games team has released an update on the status of their next Metro game. Plus, they are making the SDK available for modders!



Metro developer 4A Games has broken the silence about their next project. They also announced some exciting news for the modder community. The Kyiv-based developer has remained silent throughout 2022 due to the war in Ukraine. Now, he’s released a lengthy update on how the conflict has affected the development of the franchise’s next title.

4A Games last spoke about the upcoming Metro game in November 2020 in an update, saying the company is committed to applying everything it has learned throughout its history while breaking new ground and delivering a story-driven single-player experience.

The studio also went on to discuss multiplayer, admitting that it is often a “box-ticking exercise”. It assured fans that they would not compromise on delivering the single-player experience they expected from the company.

4A Games’ latest update details the company’s experience since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As well as how the war has affected the development of the next Metro game. The release reiterates the solid political and anti-war message carried by the series. It describes how the themes of tyranny, conflict and oppression became part of their everyday lives. 4A Games remains resolute and determined to work with the rest of Ukraine to overcome the ongoing difficulties of the “new normal” in which it has found itself.

At least one Metro Exodus development team member was killed in the conflict.

No crucial details about the upcoming title have been released so far. However, it has been announced that the software development kit used to develop Metro Exodus is now available free of charge to modders. It includes a whole level from Exodus that players and modders can disassemble in the editor. Of course, the Exodus SDK cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is merely for the modding community to use. They might even share their own ideas on what the next game in the series should look like.

Given the tragic nature of the war in Ukraine, 4A Games and fans of the Metro series will undoubtedly understand that developing a game under these circumstances is no easy task. The company’s new statement is welcome, even if it does not contain any essential details about the upcoming title. At least fans can rest easy knowing that the developer remains committed to the series. The new instalment in the franchise will be made with the same level of detail and care that we’ve come to expect from them.

Source: 4A Games

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