Madonna’s Biopic May Never Be Made After All?!

MOVIE NEWS – The much anticipated Madonna biopic has been shelved indefinitely for a somewhat bizarre reason, even though it was in active development until recently.



It seems that the Madonna biopic is dead in the water. Madonna, the singer and songwriter known as the queen of pop, first tasted unprecedented success in 1983. Her first solo album instantly propelled her to stardom. After a few more releases, she ventured into acting, giving her another opportunity to continue her rise in Hollywood. She became a prominent mainstream figure of the ’80s and ’90s. Having the title of the best-selling female performer of all time, she is a force in her own right and stands alone at the top.

Making a Madonna biopic was out of the question, especially after the success of the biographical farce Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

This film, which was very much based on fantasy, also featured the fictional relationship between Madonna and Weird Al Yankovic. Yet, although the highly anticipated upcoming film seemed like a natural next step in Madonna’s career, Variety reports that the project was abruptly cancelled. Madonna is reportedly more interested in continuing her world tour than directing a film. She has no plans to move forward with a movie, although she hopes to try again in the future with a biopic.


What would the cancelled Madonna biopic have been like?


The Madonna film, announced in 2020, was well on its way to release. That’s why this sudden cancellation is so shocking. The Martha Marcy May Marlene actress Julia Garner would have starred. And the project seemed destined for success. Garner would have played the superstar from her early years. It would allow us to see the celebrity’s entire life story condensed into a few short hours. Given that Madonna is a more serious figure than Weird Al Yankovic, the project would probably have also taken the events of her life seriously. Presumably, it would not have included fictional elements.

Two separate drafts of the film’s screenplay were completed, the first script was attempted by Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning writer of Juno and Young Adult, and the second attempt was by Erin Cressida Wilson.

If Madonna thought the film would fail, it wouldn’t be her first unsuccessful film. After all, her film W.E. failed while it was still in production. In that sense, it makes sense that she stepped aside. The star worked closely with the writers to keep the accuracy and intentions of the work accurate. Still, it seems she didn’t necessarily like what she saw if he completely blew the project.

Source: Variety

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