The Witcher Novel’s Author Shares His Opinion On The Netflix Series

MOVIE NEWS – Andrzej Sapkowski, creator of The Witcher series of books, has given his opinion on the adaptation of his own books, which, if we were to put a number on it, would come to mind as “3.6”…



The Witcher franchise has come under heavy criticism in recent months. Despite a good start when the series debuted on Netflix after it was announced that Henry Cavill would be leaving his role as Geralt of Rivia, things have not gone well for the series.

Initially, many thought the actor was leaving the production to focus on his return as Superman in the DCU.

However, this was not the case. However, Cavill is staying away from the series. After that, fans began to speculate that his departure might have something to do with conflicts over creative aspects. It also has to do with the lack of authenticity of the original material, of which the actor is a loyal fan.

In addition, the premiere of The Witcher: Blood Origin, a spin-off of the series, was a dismal failure. Fans of the saga have heavily criticised the production. However, despite all the controversy, season 3 of The Witcher is coming soon. A fourth is also in the pipeline, with Liam Hemsworth in the title role.

It seems, however, that the renewal of the series is not good news, given the chaos surrounding the project and the anger of many about the way the platform is adapting the story, including the author of the books himself.

The author shared his views (after on Netflix’s work on his books during a recent presentation at the Taipei International Book Fair:

“I’ve seen better. I’ve seen worse.”

We can’t say the writer is particularly enthusiastic about the adaptation. But his words suggest, if nothing else, that it is better than the 2001 version, Hexer. Sapkowski has repeatedly expressed his disgust with that production. At least he sees the Netflix adaptation in a better light.

Sapkowski is the author of 6 fantasy novels and 15 short stories revolving around the eponymous “monster hunter”, Geralt of Rivia. These stories later inspired a popular video game saga, which made the Polish writer’s work even better known.


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