Reality Pro: Has Apple Been Forced To Delay Its AR Headset Again?

TECH NEWS – Apple’s augmented reality headset is now rumored to be delayed by another two months.


So far, we’ve heard that Apple’s AR headset, which the company has dubbed Reality Pro, will arrive ahead of this year’s WWDC event, but further delays are plaguing the device. There are rumors that the product will launch in June instead of April, as the company wants it to be ready for the market. The announcement could come at this year’s WWDC 2023, and we should get a software demo and preview there.

According to Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg, the reason Apple is probably continually pushing back the release of the AR headset is that the device is weak in software and even after continuous testing, some issues need to be fixed. The device will only appeal to a few consumers, and we’ve already written that it could have a price tag of $2-3000. This price point will put off the vast majority of users, and if the software situation doesn’t improve, Apple will rightly get bashed.

The Reality Pro is said to run on new software, xrOS, and will be Apple’s first product in the category, so it was expected that the company would have problems during development. Overheating, hand and eye control functions, weight balance… no wonder software developers and hardware engineers are now fretting about how the company can release what looks like a hugely expensive device. While there might be an announcement and unveiling at WWDC, the launch is only a few weeks away, and it remains to be seen how Reality Pro will ultimately be received.

It’s safe to say that the company’s situation could change dramatically if demand for Reality Pro doesn’t reach the expected level. The company’s fans will eat it up, but beyond that, it remains to be seen…

Source: WCCFTech

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