Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor: The Miner Takes Up Arms Again [VIDEO]

Funday Games and Ghost Ship Publishing are taking precautions, as the survival-focused game is being made available in early access for the first time.


The game’s Steam page reads, “Welcome, Miner. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single-player survivor-like auto-shooter. Wield the entire arsenal of Deep Rock Galactic, take on hordes of lethal aliens, mine riches, and unlock powerful upgrades. It’s one dwarf against all of Planet Hoxxes! Kill bugs, upgrade your gear, and delve deeper into the lethal caves of Hoxxes. Collect and assemble a devastating array of guns, unleash hell upon wave after wave of alien monsters in fast and furious combat, and tunnel your way to collect precious riches from deep within the cave walls.

Each mission is unique, using procedural cave generation and enemy waves, just as you’ve come to know from Deep Rock Galactic. Delve deep, Miner! Once the Drop Pod releases you into the oppressive darkness, you are alone. Complete the mission objectives set forth by the Company, and make it back to the Drop Pod in time to try your luck at even more deadly and lucrative encounters. Choose your route through a path of more complicated and challenging missions while you grow stronger, survive to the end of your assignment, and finally get extracted alongside your hefty sack of loot. Millions of players love the universe of Deep Rock Galactic, and now you can experience it in a whole new single-player-focused way! Play each mission from a top-down perspective, navigating the caves of Hoxxes as you’ve never seen them before. Greybeard Deep Rock veterans will recognize much from Deep Rock Galactic, and if you are a recently joined Greenbeard: Welcome! We are thrilled to have you on board. You will like it here. Management demands it.”

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will be available in Early Access first on Steam this year. This version will feature four playable characters, over 30 weapons, ten enemy types, 1-3 bosses, 3-5 areas, multiple mission types, and a deep progression system with perks, artifacts, and upgrades. The full version will have more of everything and other features, but Funday Games will decide on these based on feedback from the community.

So Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will be available on Steam in early access sometime this year—no word on console versions.

Source: Gematsu

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