Steam Deck: Valve Doesn’t Want To Fool New Customers

Valve is being fair to owners recently investing in a Steam Deck.


Steam’s Spring Sale is currently happening. (We recently listed when the 2023 sales will occur, and Valve has announced them. There will be more of them, but many will be broken down by genre.) It has something to do with Valve’s portable PC, which has also had its price cut by Gabe Newell’s company. At the same time, there are also suspicious developments around Counter-Strike 2 (but we covered that in more detail earlier today).

The Steam Deck is now available for 10% off, but many people didn’t know this discount would happen, so some users spent money on the otherwise successful device just before the Spring Sale. Valve is aware, and to ensure there is no problem, the company offers refunds to those affected. We read about this on Reddit, and others have corroborated the story of the poster on the platform. They sent in a customer support ticket, to which Valve wrote a surprisingly positive response:

“Steam does not offer discounts to purchases made outside of sale periods. However, as an exception, we can offer to apply a credit to your Steam Wallet for the price difference. We’re not able to apply this credit to any other payment method. Please confirm by responding to this ticket if you’d like to proceed with this offer.” Of course, it requires proof of when the Steam Deck was purchased, but the users claim that this offer is valid for the week before the Spring Sale.

It’s something that not many people expected. Still, since Valve is getting positive PR with this offer (we can’t judge them!), then it’s a win-win situation: the Steam Deck customers didn’t lose a small amount of money with the wrong timing, as they can get a few AAA games cheaper or a bunch of games for free with the discount, and Valve doesn’t lose much money with this move, as a week is not that long for them, because they would have bought the Steam Deck anyway.

That’s one way to be consumer-friendly.

Source: WCCFTech

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