The Last Of Us Part I: PC Gamers Finally Have A Reason To Rejoice!

The new PC port of The Last of Us Part I is cheaper for PC gamers than PS5 gamers on Steam and Epic Games Store. Plus, the first patch is here to fix the most annoying bugs!



PC gamers will have to spend less money on The Last of Us Part I than PlayStation 5 players did when the game was initially released in September. The remake of one of PlayStaion’s most acclaimed games was released last year and has generally been met with great acclaim. Even so, some fans were sceptical about the need to remake such a fresh game.

PlayStation titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Returnal and God of War are following on PC as part of Sony’s drive to make games from their highly regarded first-party portfolio available on the platform.

The Last of Us Part I is currently available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but at a lower price than the original $70 PlayStation 5 price tag. On both Steam and Epic, it comes with a cheaper $60 price tag and an optional $10 Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade. The latter includes early item unlocks and weapon cosmetics. Recently, all first-party PS5 titles jumped to $70. But Sony’s PC ports still seem to hold steady at the lower $60 price point. This is great for PC gamers.

As Sony continues its efforts to make some of its most popular titles available on PC, we can probably expect more PlayStation hits to make their way to the platform in the future. Now that PC gamers can get their hands on the game, there will likely be a demand for a PC port of the much-praised Part II soon.


Farewell, The Last of Us Part I bug parade!


The first minor update for the PC port has arrived. Naughty Dog has acknowledged the problems plaguing the PC version of The Last of Us Part I and has committed to fixing them. Many players voiced their concerns in Steam reviews, which resulted in a “mostly negative” overall rating for the game. The most common complaints were about frame rate stuttering and crashes. Some players said that the game would not even start on systems with minimum requirements.

A minor update has been released for the PC port of The Last of Us Part I, bringing the game’s version number from to

According to the release notes, this update aims to improve stability and performance. It is also explained that the team is actively working on further improvements based on user feedback. Additional crash diagnostic tools have been added to the game to gather more information on crashes related to shader builds. This seems to be one of the main culprits behind problems such as stuttering and poor load times. According to the change log, the new patch modifies several files. At least one of these is related to shaders.

Hopefully, the latest patch will provide some relief to players who have reported that the PC port of the game is experiencing unreasonably long load times. This problem is apparently at the top of Naughty Dog’s to-do list. It is also high on the company’s “Known Issues” page. Regardless, those who purchased the game on PC can expect further fixes in the future. Everyone should be able to experience one of PlayStation’s ‘must-play’ exclusives in all its glory.

Source: Steam, Epic Games Store, Twitter

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