Shocking And Gory Pictures Emerge Of Jeremy Renner’s Horrific Accident!

MOVIE NEWS – Jeremy Renner’s interview with Diane Sawyer includes photos from the bloody scene of his snowplough accident.



The lengthy clip posted Thursday on “Good Morning America” features a conversation with two “good Samaritans” who helped rescue Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner. During the conversation, they recalled the brutal scene they witnessed when they discovered the actor who had been run over.

“It was blood – the amount of blood – and he was just in such pain and the sounds that were coming out of him,” Renner’s neighbour in Reno, Nevada, Rich Kovach, tells Sawyer.

“There was so much blood in the snow, and then when I looked at his head, it appeared to me to be cracked wide open.”

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Jeremy Renner also talks about the blood left behind at the scene of his snowplough accident. Kovach called his partner Barb Fletcher to the scene to help. Fletcher says she used a towel to “apply pressure” to Renner’s head because she saw a lot of blood.





“I could tell he was really struggling to breathe,” Fletcher shared.

The 52-year-old Renner says he clearly remembers all the pain he experienced. He couldn’t help but wonder what his “existence” would have been like if he hadn’t fully recovered.

“What’s my body look like? Am I just going to be like a spine and a brain like a science experiment? Is that my existence now? What’s my existence going to be like?” he recalls his train of thought.

He thanks his mother, Valerie, for giving him the strength to pull himself together after he was in critical condition following an unusual New Year’s Day accident.

Now that he’s well on the road to recovery – doing upright workouts and walking on a treadmill – the “Hurt Locker” actor says he’d do it all over “again” if it meant saving his adult nephew, who he pushed out of the way of a snowplough, one more time.



Jeremy Renner



Jeremy Renner wrote a farewell message on his sickbed


Jeremy Renner has revealed that he wrote a farewell message to his family after his snowplough accident. On the first day of the year, the Oscar-nominated actor and Marvel Cinematic Universe star were run over by Sno-Cat, a giant snowplough weighing around 14,330 pounds, while trying to rescue his nephew, who was stuck in the snow.

Renner was rushed to intensive care, where he underwent surgery for blunt chest trauma and orthopaedic injuries – 30 bones were broken – but was released from the hospital a few weeks later and has been on the road to recovery ever since.

Now, three months after his life-threatening snowplough accident, Renner recounts the intimate details of the accident in an interview with Diane Sawyer. In part of the wide-ranging interview, shared via Good Morning America, the emotional Renner revealed that he wrote a farewell note to his family, while he was in critical condition in hospital. He thought he was in his final moments. Even today, he tearfully recalls the events. Fortunately, the star, who risked his life to save his own, managed to escape without any permanent injuries.

Sawyer’s full interview with Renner aired on Thursday, April 6, and is available to stream today on Disney+ and Hulu.

Source: New York Post, Twitter

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