Star Wars: Why Did Luke Skywalker Replace His Yellow Lightsaber With A Green One?

MOVIE NEWS – Star Wars fans have long wondered how and why Luke Skywalker made himself a new green lightsaber before Return of the Jedi. The Marvel Star Wars comic series now finally explains this mystery.


Luke Skywalker lost his father’s blue lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader cut off his hand in Cloud City. He then found a yellow lightsaber in an old Jedi temple that belonged to the temple guards from the Republic era. He has been using this lightsaber ever since to fight against the Empire in the comics.

However, in Return of the Jedi we see him with another lightsaber that has a much more noticeable green blade. The movie does not explain how he got this new weapon, only a deleted scene shows him assembling its Obi-Wan Kenobi-style hilt and turning it on for the first time before Jabba’s Palace.

The comic now reveals why Luke needed a new lightsaber: his yellow lightsaber was damaged during a mission when a killdroid crushed his prosthetic hand and his weapon as well. R2-D2 tried to fix it, but only managed to make it barely work. Luke felt that his final confrontation with Vader was approaching, and that he would need a fully functioning lightsaber for that. That’s why he decided to make himself a new one.

The comic also tells how he found a new kyber crystal, which determines the color and power of the lightsaber. He felt a mysterious force ripple that weakened the Force-sensitive ones, including Luke, Vader and Palpatine. He took advantage of this and went on an adventure that led him to acquire the green crystal and make his new lightsaber.

Source: ScreenRant

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