Major Change At Guerrilla Games – What Does This Mean For Horizon?

Angie Smets, formerly the creative director of the Killzone and Horizon series, has announced her departure from Guerilla Games. She is leaving to take up a new role at PlayStation.



Several players have returned to the world of Horizon: Forbidden West in recent days. They have come to enjoy Burning Shores, the latest add-on content. But it seems that Guerrilla is now focusing on the future of the franchise. Hence, they hinted at the future release of a new game that will follow Aloy’s next big adventure.

All this comes as the developer’s offices have undergone another change. As a recent tweet reveals, Angie Smets, who has been acting as the studio’s director, is leaving her position. Not so far away: she’ll be joining PlayStation Studios as head of development strategy. In the company’s official statement officially announcing the internal reorganisation, it says that the management team will now consist of Joel Eschler (Studio Director and Production Director), Hella Schmidt (Studio Director and General Manager) and Jan-Bart van Beek (Studio Director and Art Director).

The message further concludes: “We have full confidence in our new leadership as they steer Guerrilla towards a bright future, expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project.” On the latter, it is important to note that the development team has previously confirmed that they are working on a co-operative multiplayer game. However, this is the first we’ve heard of a brand-new adventure for the franchise’s protagonist.

Rumours have been flying around, of course. But this is the most reliable information yet from an official source about the next episode.

Source: Guerrilla Games

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