Horizon Forbidden West DLC Shows A Never-Before-Seen Side Of Aloy!

The new Horizon Forbidden West DLC confirms something that was only suspected until now.



This promises to be an incredible week for Horizon fans! Yesterday, the highly anticipated sequel DLC for Horizon Forbidden West was released. In the expansion, titled Burning Shores, which we also wrote about, Aloy travels to the ruins of Los Angeles after being informed by Sylens of a critical and imminent new threat.

Burning Shores caused some controversy when it was announced: while the base game was available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, Burning Shores is a PS5 exclusive.

The expansion is also believed to mark actor Lance Reddick’s final appearance in the franchise following his tragic death last month. You’d be sorely mistaken if you thought Burning Shores was just another hefty new side quest. This is DLC in preparation for the yet-to-be-announced Horizon 3. Something fans won’t want to miss. It also contains a crucial personal revelation for Aloy.

Warning: minor Burning Shores story spoilers to follow!

As reported by The Gamer, Burning Shores has confirmed that Aloy is gay. In the DLC, Aloy will explore the ruins of Los Angeles with Sekya, a member of the Quen tribe. As the story unfolds, it’s clear that the duo have a special connection. And it only gets stronger.

I won’t go into the details, as the story is best experienced for yourself, but it’s a pleasure to see Aloy finally looking after her own happiness instead of constantly saving the world on her own.

It turns out that the player actually determines Aloy’s confidence in her feelings for Sekya. In the story, Sekya tells Aloy: “I want to be with you, and I hoped you felt the same way”. Aloy may say, “Yes, I do”, “I’m not ready for that”, or “It’s too much for me”. Either way, it is clear that Aloy is in love with Sekya. These dialogue options only determine whether she is ready to admit it.

We’ll see how Horizon 3 takes this interesting, personal thread of the story further.

Source: The Gamer

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