Dying Light 2’s Upcoming DLC Will Have Us Trembling in Fear, According to the Game Director!

An adrenaline rush of terror is on the horizon for the players of Dying Light 2, as promised by the game’s director, Tymon Smektała. In an interview with The Gamer, he revealed that an update planned for the summer aims to make the night gaming experience in the city of Villedor more hair-raising than ever before.


It’s time to gear up and brace yourselves because the Dying Light 2 is getting scarier. The highly anticipated update is set to push the boundaries of horror, offering intense, unexpected, and thoroughly chilling gameplay. Prepare to face new mechanics and visual tricks that promise an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience.

Night gameplay has always been a central element of Dying Light 2, and this update is expected to raise the stakes even higher. Techland, the developer of Dying Light 2, has built a reputation for delivering compelling horror experiences, and this update seems poised to cement that status further.

Under the guidance of Tymon Smektała and the expert team at Techland, players can anticipate encountering thrilling challenges as they navigate the dreaded streets of Villedor. With the new update, night gaming promises to become even more intense and frightening, whipping up a sense of anticipation amongst Dying Light 2 fans.

In short, the forthcoming update for Dying Light 2 is set to take the game’s night experience to a whole new level, reinforcing Techland’s reputation as a pivotal player in the development of the horror genre. Gamers eagerly await the thrill of new challenges and experience the update will bring.

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