World-Renowned Horror Studio Breathes Life into Story-driven Dead by Daylight Game!

The Dead by Daylight universe is about to get a lot bigger, as Behavior Interactive has announced that they are working on two spin-off games, including a story-driven game being developed by Until Dawn creators Supermassive Games.


The news was shared with fans during Dead by Daylight’s 7th anniversary stream, but so far, few details have been revealed about what games we can expect. What we do know, however, is that Supermassive Games’ game promises an intense narrative experience in which we have to make life-or-death decisions within the context of the game’s backstory. If you’re wondering what type of game we can expect, it’s enough to think of Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology or The Quarry.

Although little is known about the details, the studio guarantees that it is a new game

“it will be an intense narrative experience, with impact-seeking life-and-death decisions”.

They also revealed that the game will take place outside of the Entity world and will feature new characters. The Entity in the world of Dead by Daylight is an evil supernatural force that killers try to satisfy through carnage. According to Supermassive’s promise, they will talk about the game in even more detail this year.

The game does not yet have a title or release date, but Behavior Interactive has confirmed that more details will be revealed this year.

The second game comes from Midwinter Entertainment, part of the Behavior Interactive family, and they’re working on a multiplayer PvE game that explores the themes of greed and lust for power, with teams of four facing off against a new corner of the Entity Empire.

This game also has no title or release date yet.

These new games are just two examples of the many announcements shared with us during the game’s 7th anniversary stream. Other news includes Nicolas Cage himself joining Dead by Daylight. You can read the full summary here.

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