Fallout 5 Can’t Make One Mistake With Its Environment!

The Commonwealth settlements in Fallout 4, released in 2015, didn’t look well maintained, and Bethesda Game Studios shouldn’t forget that.


In the post-apocalyptic game, 200 years have passed since the Great War on the Fallout timeline before we get to the events of Fallout 4. In previous installments of the franchise, several locations have been relatively nicely renovated (such as The Strip in Fallout: New Vegas), even though they were set in earlier installments. In Fallout 4, the state of the Commonwealth was shabby by comparison, especially Boston in the game, which seemed to have stopped being restored. Still, The Institute, for example, hinted at progress and technological advances…

The New California region, where the first two Fallouts were set (and Fallout: New Vegas, one of the factions was the New California Republic or NCR), is a prime example of surpassing them all, having a functioning government and economy built on agriculture and manufacturing, even though the backstory is that it is the West Coast of the United States that has suffered far more damage. Bethesda could bridge the technological and tonal differences between games and regions by rethinking the functions of settlements. Depending on where the game is set, there could also be a focus on how they contribute to ongoing development.

The look of the settlements would reflect the years since the Great War, and the world of Fallout 5 would be more coherent because, after two hundred years, it’s not always appropriate to have still the style of the Mad Max movies coming back. The post-apocalyptic world is understandable if it causes damage. Still, the potential positive impact of the time that has passed needs to be felt, and Bethesda Game Studios could apply it to the gameplay, as it would provide a more coherent atmosphere and a larger playing field.

Fallout 5 will be made eventually, but Todd Howard and his team are releasing Starfield first, then working on The Elder Scrolls VI…

Source: GameRant

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